Introducing to classes

What are your benefits from learning

 Having a knowledge and knowing the techniques of Cosmoenergy science changes your world. You start to understand and to experience the world differently; reappraisal everything. Even if you are a beginner in Cosmoenergy science you note the changes for the better in your private life, in your work, your relationships, your health. It is not a magic! (Nothing of the kind!) It happens because you are energetically balanced and your whole own energy becomes positive: you start making new good friends easily, you’re becoming good at everything – reach your goals faster, implement ideas.

 People who engaged in Cosmoenergy are emotionally stronger. You are absolutely calm and moderate inside , you can control your emotions and feeling; you never hurt your or somebody else’s feelings. You are never aggressive. You can protect yourself, can balance the body energy system for yourself and others; you have an ability to make the right decision faster.

2 types of trainings are available- a short length course and full length courses.

group and private lessons.

Short lenth training – 3 hours / 6 hours /15 hours

Full length training: 30 hours

Upon completion the full length training -theory and practice:

  • You will work with 4 energy channels,
  • You will have an ability to help (heal) yourself and others,

You will know:

  • how to be protected from negative energy,
  • to balance the energy system of the body,
  • to energize chakras and aura,
  • to be emotionally stronger,
  • to cleanse the body from negativity,
  • to cleanse things and places,
  • to search and block geopathogenic zone,
  • to be more self-confident,
  • to be harmonized with environment.

Upon completion the full lenth thaining you will receive a Certificate and-

You can apply for a license to work as an holistic practitioner with this Certificate ,

You can apply to be accepted by Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners.

We have students from different backgrounds: teachers, hairdressers, registered massage therapists, high tech managers, health care professionals, accountants, social workers, other holistic practitioners such as Reiki, homeopathy, acupuncture.

They use Cosmoenergy technique successfully in their personal lives, work and helping others

for more details contact Cosmoenergy High Master

Inna Winner