Simple Bad eye (evil eye) true stories

1) On Saturday morning I went to the meeting. It was a beautiful day, the sun, the clouds, I was admiring nature. One woman walking towards me, greeted me and I greeted her too. She passed me and as soon as she was behind me, I stumbled slightly sprained my foot, and at that moment I caught her thoughts – she envied me, felt jealousy, that I dressed nicely and looked elegant. The woman was fat, wearing the men’s cap, dressed in ordinary clothes, no makeup.

This woman may not bad person , but she put the bad eye on me and so I stumbled a little.
From that I realized that the Universe showed me the simple evil eye situation warned me not to forget to put the cosmoenergy protection before entering the building and meeting a lot l of people.

2) There were a beautiful white violets on the table in the G-y house . In the evening her neighbor came over and seeing the violets said “What a beautiful flower!” The next morning there was green leaves only, all beautiful flower were gone, all of them were wilted. It means that the neighbor is a jealous person and put the bad eye on the violets.

Flowers also must be protected from the evil eye, not only selves

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