I wanted to email you earlier after our sessions have ended, but was keep putting it on. I would like to express my gratitude for your time and the teachings you gave me. I am glad that we have met and I will be in touch in the future.

The problem: headache, depression, low energy, fears

I am very fortunate to have found this method, since I was scared about almost everything in life. I don’t know how you did it, but the 15 sessions were worth every penny. I feel much more confident and my headaches are gone!
Thank you for your help, and I will probably see you again!
Suzanne D.

The problem: stiff neck, headaches

I am a dancer and often suffer from a stiff neck and headaches. About two months ago it really hurt and I could not even move, no less dance. My friend told me of this method, saying it’s like reiki. I went to see the healer and with only one session she managed to give me back my normal posture – I could move freely and the headaches were gone. Thank you so much!

Lori G.

The problem: low energy, hair loss, stomach/digestion problem

I must say I was very skeptical about cosmo energy, but I felt that I needed to take care of my problems in a natural way before taking any medications – so I did! I met Ina and she changed my life! We had about 8 sessions and I will never forget the first one – I couldn’t stop laughing – it was all new to me. I felt like I was floating on a cloud, it felt so good! After about six weeks I really saw the effect: I had more energy for myself, my family and business and my stomach felt normal again. But the biggest thing I was amazed about was related to the hair loss. The dermatologist said that I have bald spots – caused by a combination of stress and hormonal changes – that will never grow back, but could be stopped or slowed down by using very expensive drops on my scalp. This was a year ago and it has not helped at all. Last Tuesday I had a haircut and my hairdresser was surprised to find that I’m growing new hair in the bald spot! I know that the only thing I have done differently is experiencing cosmo energy. Of course, the stress is less but that does not grow new hair!!! The energy our body has to rebuild itself when we are balanced is fascinating to me!

Michelle A.

Thank you. I will recommend to everyone that they try this before doing anything else.

Hi, everyone! My name is Iryna. I started to visit POZIT Medical Center for Cosmoenergy healing therapy one week ago and now I feel much better. I came to POZIT for treatment because I was depressed and anxious. I worried too much about my kids, was afraid that something may happened to them and I would blame myself that I could not safe them. Those thought made me crazy. I felt tiered all the time and I also couldn’t manage my anger.

After the first Cosmoenergy treatment I figured out that I am more energetic, can control my emotions, more quiet and happy.

What I realized that my problems began long time ago after visiting the woman who told me the future. After her I felt imbalance and had a lot of problem in my life. There were two more girls with me who asked their future. As a result, one of them is in the mental hospital and for the second one life doesn’t work.

Finally,  my energy system was restored, advised me do not ever go to ask about the future.
Thank you!
Now I know that with your help I am a healthy and balanced person.

I came to POZIT when I got terribly sick with sore throat. I had high temperature and terrible pain in my throat. I could not swallow and talk..

That day in the morning I had an appointment with my family doctor. Family doctor prescribed the antibiotics that had to be taken twice daily within 10 days and the first pain relief I was expected to feel in 2 DAYS!!! I could not believe that it was everything the doctor could help me with!! I was in despair. Since I did not eat for almost 2 days before, I could not imagine how I would live for 2 more days without water and food.

I decided to try alternative medicine since the traditional one was not able to help me as quickly as it should. I called POZIT.

After first session I felt a greater relief. The temperature fell down and I could swallow my saliva and could make a few sips of water. I decided do not take antibiotics. In 3 days, after everyday sessions I started living again!!!

I was able to eat, drink water, the temperature came to normal.
In a week I was absolutely healthy!!!!
I cannot describe how great her treatment was!!
Thank you for all your help!!!


I attended a women’s group one evening and one of the speakers, Mikael, caught my interest when she started speaking about CosmoEnergy and how it changed her life. She only mentioned a little bit as part of her talk and it was enough for me to want to learn more. I tried contacting her to get more information, didn’t hear back so decided to contact POZIT myself.

I wanted to try CosmoEnergy because I felt “stuck” in my life, felt low in energy and not really moving forward. I felt low self esteem and was anxious and stressed. After only 2 or 3 sessions I noticed that I felt more energized, lighter and calmer. I also noticed that I was taking new risks with new opportunities that showed up out of nowhere. After about 5 or 6 sessions I noticed that life was seeming effortless, like things were just happening for me in a free and easy way. Now it is my 8th session. Since then I have felt very happy and joyful and full of creativity and ideas, all without forcing or thinking about it, it is just there! I see how my thoughts are more positive and I am thinking in a different way about what is important to my life. I am very very grateful for Dr. Ina’s sensitivity and passion for her work, it has definitely helped open up blocks that I couldn’t have done myself.

Thank you!
Lori B

The problem: Feeling lost, unbalanced, unable to find joy even in the things that I knew should be joyous.
Constantly questioned my own judgment, even in the simplest of things and lack of confidence both in my personal and professional life.

For no reason other than to re-connect, I met an old family friend who happens to be a well known and a well respected Dr. of Osteopathy, in Natural medicine. Over breakfast she mentioned to me that she had undergone Cosmoenergy treatments by Dr. Inna and she was more balanced in her life, both physically and emotionally. She had gone on to explain that there were “blockedges” in her life that needed to be cleared up. She explained that the treatments changed her life. I was very fascinated by all she had to say as I know she is not only a Doctor but a Professor as well in Natural medicine and a very intelligent individual. I am 39 years old, married with one child. Both my husband and I are self-employed and for a number of years we were both experiencing some very puzzling events in our life both personally and professionally, so I decided to visit Dr. Inna.

My first session was a huge eye opener as Inna performed a diagnostic on me and it was incredible all the information she gave me was accurate about the things that I was going through. I felt very calm and relaxed after the first session so I thought no big deal I will go back for a few more sessions. Around the 3rd session I actually felt pulses of energy move from my fingertips all the way up to my head. I started feeling other people’s energy around me, I felt that I regained my clarity and was able to make the decisions based on what was best for me and my family and I was unable to go back to the “people pleaser” that I was as I found out from Dr. Inna’s session that my energy was being heavily drained by me trying to appease everyone. I believe I am now onto my 7th / 8th session and I have regained my positive energy and my clarity in life. My husband was the first to notice the drastic positive change in me and even my son is more settled, calm and happy. I understood that my son was feeding off the negative engery surrounding me and I learned from Dr. Inna when your Aura is balanced, people want to be in your company and that’s what I’m finding as I am more confident and clear about the direction I’m headed, I’m attracting only positive energy into my life.

My husband is now seeing Dr. Inna and what we love about Cosmoenergy is the fact that Dr. Inna’s method is science based and works in harmony with your own individual belief system. Dr. Inna is magnificent at what she does. She is a very educated, highly intelligent individual with a wonderful sense of humour. I am grateful to have met Dr. Inna as she has certainly given me a new perspective on life and because of her treatments, I am a better mother and wife. I have recommended Dr. Inna to other family members as I truly believe that her healing method can result in significant enhancements to your life and well being.

Thank you!


I came to Inna with bunch of problems to name a few: anxiety, anger, depression. After 2 treatments i was completely different person. After a treatment i totally changed my vision. World become more colourful and complex, i become less irritated by small irrelevant things. Worth to mention i was always sceptical about non traditional medicine. But if it worked for me it will work for you too, don’t hesitate, come and change your life.

Eugene K.

The problem: feeling there was something wrong energetically that was affecting major areas of my life

I have been interested in energy for two decades and I have studied, worked with, and received many kinds of energy over the years. From the first session I had with Dr. Inna I knew this was different and very powerful. I could feel the change happening as she was working on me. I have only had 3 sessions so far, but I can tell that this is helping me clear and heal at very deep levels. I feel uplifted physically, emotionally, spiritually … and energetically. I cannot wait for the next training classes to begin so I can study this amazing modality myself and learn some of Dr. Inna’s technique.

Dianna D.

Я  прошла краткое обучение по Космоэнергетики по методу В. Петрова в медицинском центре POZIT и у меня уже есть неоспоримые для меня результаты:
С помощью полученных техник я уже могу самостоятельно снимать сильные головные боли, которые раньше удавалось снимать лишь медикаментозными методами.
Так же уже могу сама проводить восстановление энергетического балланса своим родным, после чего их самочувствие и эмоционнальный фон улучшается.
Рекомендую всем как лечение, так и обучение космоэнергетики по методу В.А. Петрова.
Элеонора П.

Some comments about practicing in the Place of Power, Summer 2014:

Lena :   

Thank you Inna! The place is  just amazing, very beautiful and peaceful. There are different types of healing energy in the forest, every place there is unique and strong. I found for myself areas for crown and heart chakras. I absolutely loved the river, I felt myself there very comfortable and relaxing. Thanks again, for such a great day!


Мне понравился лес и речка с золотом. Успокоился разум, прошли боли в суставах рук и стопах. Необычно было то, что когда я вернулась вечером домой, я чувствовала себя полной сил и энергии. Медитации у костра и на месте силы дали мне бодрость, ощущение близости с природой и я получила понятную информацию для решения своих проблем Очень хочу поехать туда еще раз.


I like that place, I like the  forest and the river with gold. My mind  calmed down, joints pain gone. I was surprised that in the evening when I got home I felt    fresh and energetics. During the meditations in the Place of Power an d at the bonfire I got the useful  information which will help me to solve some problems. I want to go there again!!!


It was amazing trip. So quiet, peaceful and nice place. Seating on the river I felt all my fears and doubts go away. I really felt cleansing of my urinary system. When I came home, I felt myself very light and strong at the same time, full of energy. This place as a magnet – I wish to come back again. Thank you Inna for this wonderful time.