Cosmos-energy-informational  channals ( FLOWS)

SHORT description

  • F-B **** Universal multipurpose channel.  Heals  all diseases at slow pace Fast recovery from     unconsciousness, coma.

& Fills you with positive energy. Gives a good protection.      Help to cleanse your body    inside and  outside.      Harmonize you with the environment. Energizes & Activates chakras.

  • F-T**** Eliminates problems, &  heals inflammations with or without pus,  hearing problems .

Cleansing of objects offices, rooms

  • Z-S ****Gives great power, force, potency
  • S- N ****Heals gallstones,   urinary bladder stone , renal and prostate calculus. Gynecological organs      problem, cancer    of       small intestine.    &   Gives a better life
  • K-N **** Heals  all Blood disorders.     &   Gives more understanding   between  husband and wife
  • N-S **** Heals   Heart disorders,         &      Helps  to avoid  car accident
  • S-S **** Heals    Ophthalmic disorders    &   Brings success
  • S-M **** Heals Respiratory system sickness,  pneumonia, bronchitis. &

Helps with  business . Improve relationship at work

  • S-B****  Good for  hernia, scars,  post surgery stitches.   &     Settle conflicts
  • R-R ***  Heals  Digestive system disorders      &  Helps with  intuition
  • S-M**** Good for endocrine disorders.      &      Helps to overcome laziness
  • S-J **** HealsFever, laryngitis, cold throats;   blood pressure comes to normal. &

Cure  broken heart, helps to have a good family

  • M-I**** Information on Earth (mind sphere),   &  develop vision
  • G-P ****  Protection for car, house, any belongings. Protection from natural disasters