What did Sage say?

Today’s day of fasting Jews recalled the saddest day in their history- Jerusalim temple was destroyed by romance

This temple was the center of spirituality of the whole world, it occurred wonders everybody felt divine presence … one of the most beautiful buildings,

People cried, sobbed, it was holocaust for all, it is impossible to describe the grief and feelings words can not describe ….

The great sage R. Akiva also cried, and then he began to smile People asked- Why?

R. Akiva said – IMPOSSIBLE TO BUILD SOMETHING NEW without destroying the old one- through going down you will do up

And it was evening and it was morning …..

I think each of you had moments in your life, so dark, worse may be called … but later it turned out that it was the beginning of GOOD and HAPPY
If you have a history of such sharewih us

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To be energetically protected_rus

Чтобы ограждить себя от аварий и тикетов (GF) запомните следующий порядок:

  • при вождении авто «наденьте» золотую пирамиду для защиты на себя
  • откройте на машину космоенергетический канал Золотая Пирамида
  • откройте на себя коссмоенергетический канал Фираст

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