Cosmoenergy Healing Therapy / the Petrov Method / Cosmoenergy Healing Society

  • Сosmoenergy is a unique technique to PROTECT yourself from negativity around you, to HEAL YOURSELF and others, the method of  SPIRITUAL GROWTH.
  • Cosmoenergy is a latest technology of alternative medicine, the natural energy balancing and healing based on ancient knowledge.
  • Cosmoenergy, as a science, contains the best achievements of medicine, biophysics, quantum physics, naturopathy,  psychology,  spirituality. It includes main moral and ethical principals.
  • Cosmoenergy, as a practice, uses the cosmic energy, cosmoenergy – information flows(channels) to balance and to strengthen spiritual power.
  • Nowadays, Cosmoenergy is the most effective method of natural balancing chakras, aura of living organism and self-healing.

The founder of the Cosmoenergy is Professor, Academician Vladimir A. Petrov. He was the first who developed the special cosmic waves, cosmoenergy – information flows, their vibrations, frequencies, channels, characteristics, tuning and initiation techniques.

Petrov sad “Using Cosmoenergy techniques you receive additional vital energy to help your own energy be more positive and of course express the positive emotions only, and to have a better life without diseases, easier solve problems, more good friends, more success in your life ”

Do you feel WEAKNESS,
FEAR or just have bad dreams and NEGATIVE THOUGHTS…?

Do you have HEADACHE,
STOMACHACHE or any other pain…?

Do you want to be EMOTIONALY STRONGER,

We offer Cosmoenergy healing therapy

Each healing session is about 35-60 minutes, required you to stand or sit.
We are gently working with our hands and the universal energy- moving and placing our hands them on and around your body.
This is designed to energize and balance the energy system.
A balanced energy system promotes physical and emotional health.

We offer Cosmoenergy training

a group of healers, led by doctor of medicine & PhD,
a High Master of Cosmoenergy Inna Winner
is accepting new patients in the clinic in Toronto

The Cosmoenergy Healing Therapy the Petrov method can be combined with conventional treatment.
All ages are welcome- children and adults!