One-day field workshop at the energetically powerful place eng

July 23, 2016

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One-day field workshop at the energetically powerful place –

Place of Power

Restore energy balance, reduce stress, commune with nature at the Place of Power, swim in the river of gold, gain new knowledge and technology for the away-day workshop in July 23th, 2016.
To participate and more information contact us.
Date July 23, 2016
Place Minden Hills (private property)
Departure time from Toronto 9:00 am
Time of the seminar 12:00 am
Cost $ 35
Registration tel: 416-661-1354, 416-858-8021 or
11:30 am -1: 00 pm Registration and lunch
1:00 pm -2: 00 pm lecture. How to restore your energy balance being in nature, Places of Power, connection with Cosmoenergy. Benefits, instructions, signs, etc. 
Imaginative   lecture – the most important properties of our AURA shell, what happened with your  aura, when you walk into the crowd, how  the evil eye damage your aura shell what happens if the aura is perforated, how the energy connection look like, Why energy practice  not always gives a good results.
Practical lessons
4: 00-5: 30 Discussion, swimming in the golden river, drumming
5: 30-6: 30 lunch
6: 30-7: 00 meditation
7: 00- 9:00 bone fire
9:00 going back to Toronto
Alcohol is prohibited, including beer
For lunch and dinner will be served the cleansing diet – herbal tea and wheat porridge. If this diet does not suit you, please provide yourself. There is spring water.
Tell me who needs a RIDE and who Can give a ride
РС: If you have financial problem and cannot pay for tell me