One-day field workshop at the energetically powerful place eng

June 18, 2022

One-day field workshop at the energetically powerful place –

Place of Power

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Restore energy balance, reduce stress, commune with nature at the Place of Power, swim in the river of gold, gain new knowledge and technology for the away-day workshop in June 18th 2016.
To participate and more information contact us.

Date June 18, 2022
Place Minden Hills (private property)
Departure time from Toronto 9:00 am
Time of the seminar 12:00 am
Cost $ 35
Registration tel: 416-661-1354, 416-858-8021 or


11:30 am -1: 00 pm Registration and lunch
1:00 pm -2: 00 pm lecture. How to restore your energy balance being in nature, Places of Power, connection with Cosmoenergy. Benefits, instructions, signs, etc.

Practical lessons

4:00-5:30 Discussion, swimming in the golden river
6:30-7:30 meditation
7:30- 9:00 bone fire
9:00 going back to Toronto

Alcohol is prohibited, including beer

For lunch and dinner will be served the cleansing diet – herbal tea and wheat porridge. If this diet does not suit you, please provide yourself. There is spring water.

Tell me who needs a RIDE and who Can give a ride
РС: If you have financial problem and cannot pay for tell me