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The problem: headache, depression, low energy, fears (men)

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The problem: headache, depression, low energy, fears (women)

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Cosmoenergy helps me a lot!…

Cosmoenergy helps me a lot!... Космоэнергетика избавила меня от страхов и тревожности. Я почувствовала мир и покой в душе. Стало легче жить…. Занятия космоэнергетикой помогли мне разобраться во своей жизни, Улучшились взаимоотношения и в семье, и с родственниками, и сослуживцами…. Используя космоэнергетику в повседневной жизни Сразу обратила внимание, что я избавилась от страхов и тревожности. Read More


Place of Power

Start date: September 17, 2016

End date: December 31, 2017

Time: 12.00 - 21.00

Location: Minden Hills (private property)


One-day field two workshops at the energetically powerful place

Date September 17&18 , 2016. The program is the same for each day
Departure time from Toronto 9:00 am
Time of the seminar 12:00 am
Cost $ 35
Registration tel: 416-661-1354, 416-858-8021 or

Imaginative   lecture – the most important properties of our AURA shell, what happened with your  aura…



Трактат Желтого императора о внутреннем

HuangdiNeijing ( 黄帝内经; 黃帝內經), also known as The Inner Canon of Huangdi or Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, is an ancient Chinese medical text that has been treated as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine to this day, for more than two millennia HuangdiNeijing (黄帝内经; 黃帝內經), также известный как Внутренний Канон Хуанди или Внутренний Канон […]

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Simple Bad eye (evil eye) true stories

1) On Saturday morning I went to the meeting. It was a beautiful day, the sun, the clouds, I was admiring nature. One woman walking towards me, greeted me and I greeted her too. She passed me and as soon as she was behind me, I stumbled slightly sprained my foot, and at that moment […]

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To be energetically protected

To be energetically protected from accidents and tickets(GF) on a road do the next: -driving the auto – put the gold pyramid protection on yourself -open on your car the cosmoenergy channel Gold Pyramid -open on yourself the cosmoenergy channel Firast ENG

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